Friday 5: Breath

What are your weapons in the fight against bad breath? My toothbrush. What activity most recently caused you to be out of breath? Running back and forth at my other job. How does your breath smell right now? Like wine. What are some songs in your iTunes (or other media player) whose titles contain the… Continue reading Friday 5: Breath

Friday 5: Accessories

What was the last computer accessory you acquired? My apple mouse for my macbook. What was the last clothing accessory you acquired? A cupcake belt my mother-in-law got for me. What was the last auto accessory you acquired? Car seat covers. What was the last accessory you acquired for one of your hobbies? Don’t really… Continue reading Friday 5: Accessories

Friday 5: Themes

What would the title of your autobiography be? It’s okay to be weird sometimes What’s your favorite movie soundtrack? The Wall or Rocky Horror Picture Show What do you want your epitaph to be? Float on. What everyday object would be a good amulet for you? My wedding band. I don’t take it off. What… Continue reading Friday 5: Themes

  1. What everyday task is more difficult for you than it should be? Going to work. . .that makes me sound lazy but truly I’m not.
  2. What everyday task do you usually put off for as long as possible? Litter box.
  3. What everyday task do you perform especially well? Showering because I’m awesome. lol. 😀
  4. What everyday task has most recently been added to your every day? Packing my lunch for work.
  5. What everyday task makes the least sense to you? I’m not sure. . . :/

Friday 5