Odd dream

I’ve had this dream twice now. Both almost the same. I’m in a house, it feels like I own it or I live there. I’m sitting in the living room with Cody (my ex) we are talking, laughing as if no angry ever was between us. It’s never sexual. Just as if we had been… Continue reading Odd dream

As one summer class ends, another one begins and as this class ends, my normal fall classes will start. I am taking a lot of school on and not taking breaks in hopes everything will fall into place for me and I can enjoy a life and job with doing something I love. <3 Web design is the only thing I have wanted to do for a long time. I love everything about it. As I said to one of my teachers in class "It's my art!". I know that sounds silly but to some pictures or graphics but not me, web design. Lines of code, makes me happy. It makes me smile. I think I might dream in code sometimes. I start a project and I live for it. Craziness! Random blog entry of the week. I have to blog for the summer class I'm in. I might post the entries here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm awesome like that.

I have been wanting to write a real blog entry for sometime. A entry about how I am really doing. I finally found someone that wants to be with me, share his life with me. He wants me around his friends and him. He doesn’t care how people feel about us. He loves me no matter what. I am so not use to this. It almost scares me it’s going so well.

I keep having these odd dreams about Cody. They are always the same me wanting to know why I wasn’t good enough or/and why he cheated on me. And it’s not that I want to be with him because I am happy and he seems happy. I think I just need closure to that chapter in my life.

Kyle is a new chapter in my life and I am very happy about that. Next week we will be together two months. This is awesome. So amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so in love!