My car got broken in to. . .again

January 27

The reason I state this information is for the 3rd time in seven months my car has been broken in to. Twice within 6 hours of each other at a different location. The 3rd time in different location. I moved and back luck follows me. WTF?

This time they cut my whole lock out of my door. Now the whole inside of my door has to be replaced. They didn’t get in. Luckily. As a safe feature my car door without the lock key hole, it stays locked. A plus.

I’m not sure what is going on. I don’t believe it was done by the same people. No one knows really where I live. Greg, Cody, Dustan and family. Cody and Dustan was spending the night at my house that night. Greg has no way to my house. So, if it was family. Lord, I don’t need them. lol

I’m just really upset about the whole thing. I just don’t understand why me. I have such bad luck. I haven’t even had my car a year yet. In my drive way was even nicer cars and trucks then mine. Newer trucks and cars. I live in apartments that are targeted for old people and families. I don’t even know of one college student that lives there. So, I don’t get it. Why me?

I swear, like my mother says “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all”.


January 19

I feel so tired. I’m not sure why. Well I have an idea but not sure. I have nap twice today. Very lazy but you know what. I love my days off. Wish I had more of them. :/

:yawn: I’m sitting here at Cody’s. Dustan and Sean are here too. I kind of miss my house but I am so lazy I most likely will stay here and sleep more. WOW. I don’t believe I have been this lazy in a while. Very nice!

Something really amazing happen. My dad let me have two albums. The Wish You Were Here and The Wall. I am so freaking happy about it. Both are like new. How amazing? I want to frame them. I am wondering how much they are worth. Never would sell them but just wondering.

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Deer hunting, rocks and tripping acid

January 18

When I was a child my family would travel
Down to Western Kentucky where my parents were born
And there’s a backwards old town that’s often remembered
So many times that my memories are worn
–John Prine, Paradise

That last line of the song is what I wanted to point out. I really feel that way. So many times that my memories are worn. I sit back and remember all the good and bad times. Funny and embarrassed moments. All between moments. Like today I was thinking about the first time I hung out with Dustan and Connie.

The title of the entry will mean nothing to anyone else but Cody, Dustan and Connie. The four of us have that memory. I miss the fun moments of the past. I really don’t miss any of the other moments. Well, besides the happy ones. lol

I really like my life right now. I don’t like every like thing but you know what? I have been sadder, and I have been happier. I guess everything is going to work out. Well, at least I hope so. 🙂

I have a lot on my mind tonight. Not sure if I will update again or not. I have been working on tagging all my old entries. I have got done with 2008, 2007 and working on 2006. I uploaded all my old entries. That didn’t take long once I got it done.

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God dang flipper babies

January 9

I swear to goodness I am going to freak out on someone. I swear. Everyone keeps pushing me. Mainly customer’s at work. I got hung on like 5 times. Very rude. I also got yelled out, people using very nasty language with me and wanting some really stupid request too. I mean like, I know I have 30 days to return the phone but I wait to the last day and ask if I can give the phone back to a store with no box and then at a later date ship the box back and I know I got it from online but hell, why not do this for me? I am a customer. You also signed a contract and agreed to these terms. WTF? You know?

On top of that I also worked 8am to 11 am and then from 1pm to around 10:30 tonight. You have to love overtime. I need the money but it made it very hard to keep it together today. I felt like I was going to freak out all day. As soon as I got off work tonight I cried. Awww. Very sad. I really shouldn’t be in tears because of work. I think it was just a bad night. I normally don’t hate it so bad but today just got to me. I’m pretty sure it is because I only had like 4 hours of sleep and I’m totally not a morning person. Yuck for mornings.

Then on top of it all. T-mobile is being stupid. I mean, really stupid. It took me 7 calls, 2 days and 3 hours to get no where. What happen is I have two lines. I have the G1 and another basic line. I wanted the 34.99 unlimited data and texting on the G1 and no texting on the other line. This would save me around $10 a month but T-mobile stated I can’t have the 34.99 with a family. Okay, fine I can’t but the first 3 reps told me I could. And said it was changed. The last 4 said no and couldn’t even get what I had back correct. I didn’t have any texting for almost two days. Got told it was my phone. Even though I told them, it was on both phones. I was told it was taken care of by ever rep but still it was never fix until the last rep. I like her. She didn’t lie to me. It is finally working. Finally. I mean, come on. I do this for a living. I know it can’t be that hard.

I try to be totally understanding at that point but trust me by the seventh call. I was freaking out. I use to like the T-mobile. The only thing that came out of this, somehow I ended up with almost a total of $100 credit. Amazing. My bill at this time is only around $41. Not sure how the hell that happen but I am okay with that. I guess I won’t be that upset after all. I can’t beat that price.

I watching Cody and Dustan play Halo 3. Boring. I am going to be leaving after this match. I guess I am off for now.

Rochester, NY & Niagara Falls

January 6

Cammie and Me I got back from my very awesome road trip this morning around 5am. OMG! I was so tired this morning. Over all one of my favorite and best weekends ever. One reason it being so freaking awesome. I finally got to meet my Christina (aka Cammie). We have been talking for almost 9 years now. Give or take a few months. We became friends from a site called Pick-Me.Net. Most older bloggers will remember this site. It was designed to help un-hosted people find a host on a domain. This is before everyone had a domain of their own. Back when being hosted meant something.

Meet JillMeet Jill; Jill the GPS. Dustan’s dad let us use his GPS system. Totally awesome. I don’t think I would ever travel any other way now. Very nice. If we took the wrong path, it would just find a different way to get there. It even gave the correct time you where to get there. We all took shifts driving and paying for gas. Over all it cost each one of us a total of $30 to get there and back. There was three of us and each time we would only put it $15. How cool is that? A road trip from Bowling Green, KY to Rochester, NY only took a total of $45 to get there and another $45 to get back. It just is totally amazing to me.

We went to Rochester first, stayed Saturday, Sunday night and left Monday morning. Hanging out, watching movies, playing with “Red Rocket” and laughing. I had one of the greatest times in my life. It was just nice to finally sit in the same room as my best friend in the whole world. It is so surreal now. Thinking back. It felt very surreal the whole time matter of fact.

Niagara Falls Monday when we left we decided to go by Niagara Falls on the way back home. Why not? Just an hour out of our way. Very much wroth the extra hour. We got tons of pictures. It was so pretty. Hard to put in words. I really enjoyed myself. I still can’t believe everything. Just the idea that after all this time. Christina and me planing on meeting. And we finally do it. OMG! Still freaking amazing.