I hadn’t really thought much about National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo but I have wanted to try it. I guess this is a good as time as any. I have a lot going on this month. Like always I have work and school, my brother’s birthday (6th), my birthday (12th), my wedding day (12th), Cammie‘s birthday (18th), Thanksgiving, Black Friday and so much more every day shit that I have to do. 😀

I feel like time is speeding up and that isn’t a good thing. . .I miss having a lazy day here and there but it hasn’t happened yet. On the plus side, I haven’t missed a day yet of blogging because every Tuesday I post a quote and I do Wordless Wednesdays. Wish me luck.

Oh, yeah, I know I said something about it earlier but Kyle and I are getting married on 11.12.11. How awesome!! Best birthday gift ever!! 😀 <3 So happy!!

I swear this week has been the week of homework that never ends. I started one of my courses last week. It’s only an 8 week course so it has a lot going on in a short amount of time. It’s a networking class which makes it way sucker because well, I don’t like the networking part but my college thinks I need to take a couple networking classes to get my degree in Web design, so here I am in this course. It really is an easy class, just a lot to do. A lot of boring stuff to do. I’m already tired of the class and it is only my second week. Thank god, it’s online and I can do it as slow or as fast as I want. And it helps that my boyfriend (the amazing Kyle <3 ) is a Networking major. On to other things, we have been doing so much around the house lately. We have done small projects but they are really adding up. Okay, let me rephrase that. Kyle has been doing a lot of projects. I helped a little but he has done more then me. We finished placing rocks around the trailer to make a flowerbed this spring. 😀 I can not wait! Then he fixed stairs so now we can get up and down off our pack deck. We also picked up the yard and moved a dog house over from my parents house for Possum. All this week. And it is only Wednesday. I have to say this year has been a good year so far. I am very happy with the house, Kyle and even my brother is been doing better. Working and everything. Life is pretty good.

I finally have water. I was without for 9 days but living so close to family really helped out. Dad was amazing on helping me get it fixed and running. I had to wait so long not because of my father but because the weather wouldn’t warm up. But it has finally! 😀

Raymond has been gone for a week tomorrow. He hasn’t called or anything. Very odd. You think you would want to know why you are kicked out but he didn’t care. He kept bumming off other people without missing a beat. He is great like that. Don’t get me wrong. I love my brother but I can only take so much. He had been living with me almost a year and still no a temp to find a job. Jobs don’t get up and fall into your lap. Promise. You do have to go looking.. .dang.

Far as that. Thank you all for all the wonderful comments on the past couple of entries. I like to hear from army wives and people that have dealt with long distance relationships before. It helps me feel less alone.

I hate being without Cody by my side. He has been such a big part of my life for so long and to think he is having to deal with something so hard like basic training a lone hurts me, scares me. We always deal with our problems together. Facing them head on. Him having to do this a lone is so depressing. But I know in the back of his mind he is worrying about me right now dealing with all the bills, taking care of the house like pipes freezing and our heater messing up and things like that. I know scares him too. I guess this is just another chapter in our lives that we have to face a lone but together if that makes any sense at all. I know most of these feelings are normal and theses fears are normal. I keep telling myself that.

It’s crazy but I have these little things that make me feel so close to him. Like, I check the weather where he is or every night no matter what I always say “good night, sweet dreams. I love you.” or I wake up at least 2 or 3 times a night feeling for him. Or I almost expect him to be at the house waiting for me when I get off work. Which is kind of depressing when he isn’t but I know once these 27 weeks (10 weeks at basic & 17 weeks at AIT) are over we are going to be so close and finally plan our wedding and honeymoon.

WOW, when I read over that and look at 27 weeks. . .I cry a little because that is FOREVER! January has been going by pretty quick. I hope the rest of the months will too.

I need to get off the internet and stop watching TV. I have a love letter to write to my baby. Those brighten our day. I can’t wait till Sunday. I will cross fingers get another phone call. To hear his voice. To hear how much he loves me. . .makes my week.