Band work & Breaking up for good

“Optimist or Pessimist? Do you call traffic signals go-lights?” — Unknown I haven’t wrote in my blog like forever….I really should do it more often then I do but I have a small life….kind of. Right now, I’m talking to Chase, Candice, and Jenni and Nikki just had to go about 10 mins. ago. She… Continue reading Band work & Breaking up for good

Projects & I HATE camping

“You just have to gay up everything, don’t you?” –Unknown (some guy on ABC) I made my dad take me home from the “vacation”. I hated it. Camping should be renamed “crapping”. lol Camping would be fun with anyone else’s family but mine. Trust me!! I hate my family sometimes. Kitten keeps calling me off… Continue reading Projects & I HATE camping

10 points 2 me

“Killing I understood. Relationships confused me.” –The Killing Dance, Laurell K. Hamilton I hoped everything would get better but sometimes hopes are nothing and dreams are just dreams. I know that that’s sad to say but I am starting to believe that. Kitten doesn’t understand and I want her to so bad. I do. I… Continue reading 10 points 2 me