Doing the adult thing

I am glad we did our taxes and didn’t have to pay in. We already got our state back, all $45. Now we are waiting on our Federal which should be here Wednesday. We are getting enough back we can pay off at least our lawn mower we were leasing, a couple credit cards and new glasses. It won’t leave any really to put back in savings but getting a few things paid off will. Plus, I should be starting my second job very soon. That is where I am putting money back to pay things off. That second income will go right into savings and only touched to pay off the credit cards. We only have around $5,000 in debit but I want it gone.

I also want to start saving for our IVF and pay off some all bills on my credit report to bring it up. I want those things gone so we can move forward with getting small loans to upgrade things around our house. I want new hard wood floors and new carpet in the house. If I keep my second job, we most likely won’t have to get loans we may just pay up front if we can every get everything going to plan.

The joys of being an adult. I don’t remember anyone ever telling me that this would be fun and I have no clue why I thought being an adult would be. lol.

Second day

Yesterday I drop Cody off to get on a bus to leave for basic training. OMG! I didn’t think I would miss him so much. I’m not crying every minute. I don’t think I have cried but once or twice. It was late. I was lonely. You know how it is. πŸ™

I am sure as the weeks go on, it will be easier. I am just so use to him being there laying next to me. Mr. Kitty stayed in the bedroom with me last night. Made it a little easier.

I am just catching up on laundry and picking up my room a little bit today since I start work tomorrow. I haven’t worked in almost a year. I know the first couple of days are going to be hard to get use to since I am on days. Which is a plus, really. Just not use to getting up at 7am. I am sure once I do that a couple days I will feel great. Seeing day light and all. πŸ™‚

Well, the first load of laundry is done and now I need to start the other load. Yay for house cleaning.

I have become comfortably numb

Okay. Here I am another blog. Another move. This is a new year. Here is to a great start. Hopefully. I am releasing this site today, well more like tonight. I haven’t finished moving over all the entries and comments but I do have all of Decembers of 2009. I think all the comments for that month is updated but not sure yet. Going back over that once I have finished this entry.

I have moved back over from Chyrp to WordPress. A sad day. I still love Chyrp and if I have another project that Chyrp can handle I will use it but at this time. It did have to many bugs and not enough modes to really make me stay. I couldn’t use the scripts I wanted to nor could I really edit them enough to work with out trying to have two different layouts made. Crazy. But I am happy with WordPress at the moment. Will see how long that will last.

This morning Branda and Micki came over to see Cody for a bit just to kind of say their goodbyes. πŸ™ Which was good for Cody. His little brothers spent two nights with us. He has spent a lot of time with them. Tonight is Cody’s last night at the house. Tomorrow at 11am he leaves for basic and AIT. Which will be around 6 months he will be gone. I am super sad about it. Nothing I can do but wait. I love him so much. This will just make us stronger. It feels like the last month went by super fast and now the next 6 months will drag along because well, that is how it works. When you want time to hurry up, it goes even slower.

Then Wednesday I start my first day of work. I am so nervous about starting work again. I am sure I will do just fine but regardless I have to go. lol πŸ˜€ I think I will enjoy working again. Plus, it is day shift. Which will be amazing. Every job I have had in the past 5 years has been either mostly all nights or all nights.

I need to go return comments and go post comments on a few blogs. Trying to get my new URL out there. Time to go be busy. Plus, I am downloading some older movies so Cody and I can watch them and cuddle a bit before tomorrow. πŸ™

Sleep, who needs it

I swear I did it again. I laid down around 10 or so. Napped. Got woken up. And now I can’t sleep. I am going through my old fanlisting I joined and editing them. Weeding out the dead links and using a script this time to keep up with them.

I plan on finishing that up and then adding the last month of blog entries then maybe trying to re-lay down. Sleep sounds good but I can never sleep.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot I also got my lip pierced. :yay: Pictures to come. Maybe.

I’m way to stupid to talk right. . .

My day has felt like it has lasted forever. Most likely it has lasted longer then normal for me, since I am normally always in bed by now. But today is my Friday. So, I’m staying up later anyway. πŸ™‚

Work seem to last forever tonight. I swear, people kill me. I had a lady tonight tell me I was retard because I’m from the south. I talk to fast and it went on and on. She was being a total bitch for no reason. It was Verizon Wireless’s fault she went over her minutes because she is to dumb to hit #MIN or go to VerizonWireless.Com. We are suppose to check her minutes for her and call her to let her know. Sorry lady. We have 80 million customers now since we took over Alltel. Your no different then anyone else. Either keep up with it or you don’t need it.

She was mad also because everyone she got was from the South. The call center I work for does nothing by take calls for the North East. Of cause all she is going to get is my call center. But isn’t the south known for talking slower then the North. But anyway, whatever. She was being rude. I get use to it but sometimes it does get to me a little.

I know my job isn’t for everyone. Hints why there is such a large turn over rate. Some people just can’t handle being yelled at for a living. Just remember, the people you are talking to for your phone, TV, DSL or cable has your personal account info. Don’t make us mad. I know I wouldn’t do anything but some people would. Just saying. Just throwing that out there.

WOW, it is totally 20 degrees here. I am super cold tonight. My feet and hands are like ice. My heat is on 73. I don’t want to turn it up anymore. You know what? One more degree isn’t going to hurt. lol Mr. Kitty is totally making this way harder on me then it needs to be. He keeps laying down on my desk and laying his head on my hand. Very cute but I can’t use my mouse for shit. The cuteness is killing me.