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Weekend Woes

February 28

I hate riding in a car for a hour just to see family members that I don’t feel like seeing. I love my family and Keith’s family but damn! I want Keith and Rainbow time. But I shouldn’t bitch, we are spending a lot more time together. Yay, for hubby time. *dances* 😳 I guess that’s the only reason for woes. I don’t really have woes for anything else besides the normal.

New subject, I suppose. I put in a application to be a staff member at the I hope I get picked. I haven’t really ever been a staff member for someone else. Trust me, I have the time.

The weather has been so messed up in the past couple of days. Yesterday it was at least 50F outside and the sun :sun: out. Today and tonight has been getting colder and went from rain :rain: to suppose to snow tonight. WTF? Everyone is going to get sick again, including me. I just got over being sick a week ago. Damn weather.

Keith will be home in a little while. I am making supper. I made shake-n-bake pork chops and bake potatoes. I love pork chops. One of my favorite foods ever. I am so glad I can cook.

I suppose a short entry tonight. I’m not sure why. I don’t feel like a writing mood. Well, not words anyway. I’m in a code (HTML) writing mood. Which is good. I’m working on a new layout. Something simple but wonderful. Got to love getting out of a layout block.

Quality time with my baby!

February 25

Keith and I spent some quality time together last night. It felt good to spend that time with him. We don’t get to spend real quality time with each other often. Most of the time he comes home from work he wants to eat and watch tv/movie :movie: or play the game (PS2).

Used to when I was still living with my mother and father he would come over and we would lay and talk for hours but it doesn’t happen as often now. We have talked about getting back in the habit of that and we have more lately. I just wish we got to spend the weekend with each other. Going to our parent’s houses every weekend really takes away from our time together. At least on the weekends he is off work we would love to just be able to go out. Not plan our weekends around them. :yell:

Keith has to work over tonight. He has to work two hours over. He won’t be getting home until 1am. πŸ™ I wish he would be home normal time. We have to get up early tomorrow and go to the bank before it closes. He is going to put me on his banking account. We hadn’t really thought about it until now and since we have to go see our parents anyway, we thought might as well get up and go so we can get back home sooner. Smart thinking, huh? I know it was.

Today we have been married 5 months. I can’t believe it has already been 5 months now. It doesn’t even feel like we have been married. You know? Most people say they feel married but Keith and I are still waiting for that, I guess. We both just feel so happy. I love him so much.

As some of you guys noticed Crazy Talk has a new theme; Green Rock Star. I hope you like. I know I do. *giggles* Also, Crazy Talk is now one years old and still kicking. I have already renewed my domain and hosting. YAY! :cute: I can’t believe it has already been a year here. I had Faded Stars for a while but not this long I don’t believe. And Crazy Talk has had over 10,000 visitors now. WOW! I can’t believe it. I know I am very happy!

My headhurts!

February 23

My head has been hurting since I got up. :ouch: I think it might be because I slept a lot today. I couldn’t help it. I think the reason I slept that long was because I needed it. Most people the reason they sleep a lot is because they need it.

Thank you guys that left a comment on my last blog about liking the new layout. I really, really like it. I hope I can come up with another kick ass layout. I have a couple ideas going through my head and I think I might try working on those in a minute after I blog. I finally have Photoshop 7. I had been trying to download it forever and couldn’t because I’m on dial-up. Trust me, dial-up sucks! Christina mailed it to me, with a birthday card, a Christmas card, a hippo and some other stuff. Thank you, Christina. πŸ˜€

You know what, I think I have finally grew up a little in my blog. I use to love using smiles all the time. Now, it’s more about writing then drawing out a picture of my writing. You know what I mean. I’m not knocking using smiles. Because I still use them but not as much. I like having just little smiles. I think they don’t take away as much in my blogging. You know?

But anywho, tonight I’m going to cook potato soup for supper. I have been waiting potato soup forever it seems. And finally I have found a soup Keith will eat. You see, the only thing Keith will eat is meat and potatoes. I swear. He won’t touch a vegetable except potatoes. How crazy is that? I love vegetables. I don’t get him sometimes. LOL :cute: I love him to death but I just don’t get him.

I don’t want to get up, mommy!!

February 22

I will be updating this tomorrow when I get up. New layout. And I am going to try to update all of the skins but at least put one skin up. Only one skin at the moment. More to come once I get out of this layout block.

I haven’t updated my blog because I got sick. Damn cold!!! I hating being sick. I just laid around all weekend and slept A LOT.

I’m off to get in the shower. Yay, warm water. Kinky, I know!! *thinks to self* I’m not sure how warm water is kinky. But for me, it is. *laughs* πŸ˜‰ I’m great like that.

More when I get up. πŸ˜€

Flu, not again

February 18

Well, Keith has the flu. He is so sick. Bless his heart. I just hope he starts feeling better. He is at work right now and has to work two hours over. But like he said he would rather work two hours over then work all day Saturday. Which I totally agree on. I want my hubby home!

We watched Saw last night. OMG! That was such a scary movie. :movie: It’s one of those movies that you could see really happening. Which makes it that much more scary. Keith and I both dreamed about that movie all night. I woke up around 7:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. It took me almost an hour and a half to get back to sleep. I know it felt like forever. Damn movie. It’s good. It is a movie that not everyone is going to like. I know I liked it.

I’m working on a new layout right now. But every time I get a new layout half way make. I look at it and decided I don’t like it anymore and delete it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess it is a layout block. I hate to say it but it is.

I guess I’m off. Time to pick up the house a little and to make some really kick ass layouts! πŸ˜€