Whole Again

I have tried to update some. I haven’t really had time. As of Sunday I will have worked 55 hours. I’m very tried. I also have to finish packing my stuff. I still have stuff at my other apartment. I must finish that before the first.

I have put off way to much. I can’t help it. This month has been so busy but I have got almost everything moved.

As soon as I can get my camera hooked up to my computer I will try to get some pictures uploaded. I have tons of shots I want to get up. My gallery is looking very lonely.

As to my last post. I am feeling a lot better. I have been thinking and spending time with the people I need too. I think I am becoming whole again.

Looking at a new women

I finally got promoted at work. I’m assistant manager now. I’m third or fourth in rank. I rock. I will be starting to get really good money now. I will be making around $455 gross a week. Totally great. I can’t believe it.

Besides that going on, nothing else really. I have been working a lot and coming home to sleep. Finally I get two days off. I have cleaned a little house and did this and that around the house.

Over all I am having a good week. I’m going to start saving money like crazy now, since I will finally be getting some. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve given up

I swear I have given up making a new theme. Until I have had more sleep and more time to think about what I really want in a design, what looks good but also does it job. I can’t think on colors or anything. . .So, everyone is stuck with pink and gray. It isn’t to bad, I don’t think. I think it could be worse with bright lime green and yellow. LOL I would die if my site had those colors.

I worked today (Mon.) from 10am-5pm but I so totally didn’t want to go in because I had closed Sunday night. I didn’t even get home until 2:15am. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I really hate this close one day be there around open the next but I have to do it for a while. I promised I wouldn’t quit until after October 20th.

I believe I’m going to get off and take a nice hot bath/shower and then get me a cup of nice green tea and cuddle with my baby. :love:

Suppose too

I was suppose to make a new layout, clean house, get my nails done, and get more rest on my three days off this week. I had them all in a row. I have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I went to work for a few hours last night, I’m going in tonight from 8p to 2am and I hope tomorrow I don’t have to go in at all. I was suppose to work 9a -7p but now I’m working 4p -2m.

I didn’t get my .75 cent rise I was suppose to have on my check. It still said I was crew. WTF? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I was mad. So, to make it up to me, Anita (the GM) told me she would go a head and move my pay up to $7.00, which means I get a $1 rise. See, after you get your paper work inline and everything looks great then you get a .25 rise. I guess I’m doing better.

Well, I’m off for a while. I’m going to get ready early so I can call my mom and talk to her. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good things come to those who wait

I’m in a very good mood spite the fact I’m up at almost 8am and I have to be at work at 4 today. I was suppose to open but something (very good) ๐Ÿ™‚ took place this morning and now I have to close. This is very good. Even great. I believe my work life is going to get a lot better. I know it will.

It feels like ages since I last updated. I missed blogging. I was suppose to meet with Chet tomorrow about his web site after work but now I have to be at work at night now. I think he will understand. He’s great like that.

I feel bad, Keith had to go in this morning but Anita (our GM) promised him that he would be off by 1pm so he could watch his Cub game. I really hope he gets too because I know how much he wanted to see it.

I believe I’m off for a while. I think I’m going to maybe eat me a little something and then try to go back to sleep for a while.