I’m way to stupid to talk right. . .

My day has felt like it has lasted forever. Most likely it has lasted longer then normal for me, since I am normally always in bed by now. But today is my Friday. So, I’m staying up later anyway. 🙂

Work seem to last forever tonight. I swear, people kill me. I had a lady tonight tell me I was retard because I’m from the south. I talk to fast and it went on and on. She was being a total bitch for no reason. It was Verizon Wireless’s fault she went over her minutes because she is to dumb to hit #MIN or go to VerizonWireless.Com. We are suppose to check her minutes for her and call her to let her know. Sorry lady. We have 80 million customers now since we took over Alltel. Your no different then anyone else. Either keep up with it or you don’t need it.

She was mad also because everyone she got was from the South. The call center I work for does nothing by take calls for the North East. Of cause all she is going to get is my call center. But isn’t the south known for talking slower then the North. But anyway, whatever. She was being rude. I get use to it but sometimes it does get to me a little.

I know my job isn’t for everyone. Hints why there is such a large turn over rate. Some people just can’t handle being yelled at for a living. Just remember, the people you are talking to for your phone, TV, DSL or cable has your personal account info. Don’t make us mad. I know I wouldn’t do anything but some people would. Just saying. Just throwing that out there.

WOW, it is totally 20 degrees here. I am super cold tonight. My feet and hands are like ice. My heat is on 73. I don’t want to turn it up anymore. You know what? One more degree isn’t going to hurt. lol Mr. Kitty is totally making this way harder on me then it needs to be. He keeps laying down on my desk and laying his head on my hand. Very cute but I can’t use my mouse for shit. The cuteness is killing me.

God dang flipper babies

I swear to goodness I am going to freak out on someone. I swear. Everyone keeps pushing me. Mainly customer’s at work. I got hung on like 5 times. Very rude. I also got yelled out, people using very nasty language with me and wanting some really stupid request too. I mean like, I know I have 30 days to return the phone but I wait to the last day and ask if I can give the phone back to a store with no box and then at a later date ship the box back and I know I got it from online but hell, why not do this for me? I am a customer. You also signed a contract and agreed to these terms. WTF? You know?

On top of that I also worked 8am to 11 am and then from 1pm to around 10:30 tonight. You have to love overtime. I need the money but it made it very hard to keep it together today. I felt like I was going to freak out all day. As soon as I got off work tonight I cried. Awww. Very sad. I really shouldn’t be in tears because of work. I think it was just a bad night. I normally don’t hate it so bad but today just got to me. I’m pretty sure it is because I only had like 4 hours of sleep and I’m totally not a morning person. Yuck for mornings.

Then on top of it all. T-mobile is being stupid. I mean, really stupid. It took me 7 calls, 2 days and 3 hours to get no where. What happen is I have two lines. I have the G1 and another basic line. I wanted the 34.99 unlimited data and texting on the G1 and no texting on the other line. This would save me around $10 a month but T-mobile stated I can’t have the 34.99 with a family. Okay, fine I can’t but the first 3 reps told me I could. And said it was changed. The last 4 said no and couldn’t even get what I had back correct. I didn’t have any texting for almost two days. Got told it was my phone. Even though I told them, it was on both phones. I was told it was taken care of by ever rep but still it was never fix until the last rep. I like her. She didn’t lie to me. It is finally working. Finally. I mean, come on. I do this for a living. I know it can’t be that hard.

I try to be totally understanding at that point but trust me by the seventh call. I was freaking out. I use to like the T-mobile. The only thing that came out of this, somehow I ended up with almost a total of $100 credit. Amazing. My bill at this time is only around $41. Not sure how the hell that happen but I am okay with that. I guess I won’t be that upset after all. I can’t beat that price.

I watching Cody and Dustan play Halo 3. Boring. I am going to be leaving after this match. I guess I am off for now.

Can you give me credit. . .

I tell myself all the time, a day does not go by that someone does make me go “WTF, amazing”. lol I swear. I work in customer care. I take phone calls all day. Don’t call me and tell me that “You are going to remove this and credit be back because you said so”. You know what I will do. For the rest of the call I will not help you in anyway. I give credit based on a few things. Such as good payment history. How ofter you call. How often you ask for credit or if you have ever had credit given. I do not give it to people that call me nasty and racist. I am sorry, you don’t know if you are in roaming or not. I am sorry you can’t pay your bills. I am sorry you don’t know when your in another country.

I normally don’t mind my job. It is a job. It pays my bills. To break down my job. I get paid to listen to people yell and then want things from me. I also activate phones. I tell people why they are getting charged. Then I get yelled at more. I inform people of past due balances and then ask for a payment. This also hints in more yelling. I also, take payments. That is my job 8 hours a day; 40 hours a week.

The peaks of my job. I get to sit at a desk. I enjoy my work place. I like the people I work with. I get paid to sit. I am warm in winter and cold during summer. Over all it isn’t bad. Just bad moments. I just don’t understand people.

Why ask for so much and not respect the person your talking to. I couldn’t handle yelling at someone and then be like “By the way, can you give me credit or can you do this for me.” Hello? WTF? I can’t handle it. I hate people. I really do. Well, most people.

My department is closing

Saturday is my last day in my department and then after that it is forever gone. I start training for a new department called North East Care or NECare. Training will last 2 months, including OJT. (on the job training) I will become Customer Care for Verizon Wireless customers.

I have been at web chat since March. I love it. My job was sales. I was getting very good at it. Last month I got $2 a sale and this month I’m getting $2 a sale. My last sales bonus. 😥 That is where most of my extra money came from. I enjoyed having an extra $500 a month to play with.

I’m so scared about NECare. I have never had a job like that. Taking calls. I have done Customer Service when I was Assistant Manger at Wendy’s. But I didn’t take really any phone calls; that was more face to face. Which to me is easier. . .

I will stay with it. I need my health insurance. I need the good pay. I may not get the sales bonus but I do get an extra $.50 on the hour after 6pm. I will most likely be working around 1:30pm – 10pm. Which isn’t bad, but I really like working 3:30pm -12am. It was fun! lol

I’m off to get ready for one of the last days at my job. Maybe I shall bring in candy. Yay candy for a last day party. Oh, I just made myself sad a little. Damn it! lol

PS: I may work for Verizon Wireless but Verizon Wireless pays AFNI and then AFNI pays me.