My department is closing

Saturday is my last day in my department and then after that it is forever gone. I start training for a new department called North East Care or NECare. Training will last 2 months, including OJT. (on the job training) I will become Customer Care for Verizon Wireless customers.

I have been at web chat since March. I love it. My job was sales. I was getting very good at it. Last month I got $2 a sale and this month I’m getting $2 a sale. My last sales bonus. 😥 That is where most of my extra money came from. I enjoyed having an extra $500 a month to play with.

I’m so scared about NECare. I have never had a job like that. Taking calls. I have done Customer Service when I was Assistant Manger at Wendy’s. But I didn’t take really any phone calls; that was more face to face. Which to me is easier. . .

I will stay with it. I need my health insurance. I need the good pay. I may not get the sales bonus but I do get an extra $.50 on the hour after 6pm. I will most likely be working around 1:30pm – 10pm. Which isn’t bad, but I really like working 3:30pm -12am. It was fun! lol

I’m off to get ready for one of the last days at my job. Maybe I shall bring in candy. Yay candy for a last day party. Oh, I just made myself sad a little. Damn it! lol

PS: I may work for Verizon Wireless but Verizon Wireless pays AFNI and then AFNI pays me.

2 thoughts on “My department is closing

  1. Yes, Saturday is my last day as well. However, I will not be moving on into the world of NECrap. I am moving on to greener fields. I will soon be employed at Perot. Making what I should have been making at good ole Afni. I wish you and Greggy the best of luck in all that you do. I will miss all my friends, freaks, and chat-buddys.

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