Trying to

I guess I have decided not to buy the car. I’m very sure I could get the loan since I started working but I don’t want to add another payment on to our bills each month until I get all of my doctor bills paid for. I don’t want to make us run low when we don’t have too. You know?

Anyway, Spunky has a vet visit today. His stupid allergies are acting up again since Spring is on its way. The grass makes his eyes water and he is starching himself to death. He has no fleas, so I know that can’t be it. This happen last year too. He gets a shot he feels better. One a month until allergy season is gone. The joys of having a pet. But you know, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Just an update since I am trying to get back into this whole blogging thing. I don’t really remember it being this hard. Hmm.

Thinking about car shopping

I have been thinking about getting a new car for about 6 months. Main reason I have had my car for almost 130,000 miles. Many road trips and since 2007. I love my car don’t get me wrong I’ve had some great times but I feel like its time to upgrade. I need something with a little better gas. I am looking at a Ford Focus; 4 door; 4 CL. So it’s a small car but a little roomy. It’s a 2011, with less than 15,000 miles. Downside they want $10,000 for a car. I think in the long run it would be a good car and worth the money. I’m just not sure if I can get a car loan since I just started my job and Kyle just got the house loan in his name. I plan on going to the bank Friday and talking to them. I can only see. You never know until you try.


First paycheck

I swear I am so tired but I have no reason to be. I just haven’t really got use to working yet. But over all I truly do love my job. Is it something I want to do for the rest of my life, no, is it something I can do right now to make good money? Yes. 😀 I got my first paycheck yesterday, for one week after tax, it was for 40 hours $331.25. So I am thinking for every two weeks around $660 give or take. I am looking forward to those paychecks. XD

I have to go fix my review mirror in my car, I was driving to school the other day and I went to adjust it. It just fell off! Are you for real? Kidding me, right? Nope. Just my luck.

Also, my oral surgery had to be canceled because Kyle’s dental doesn’t cover it. I am going to have to wait for mine to kick in in 90 days. :blah: We really don’t have the money to pay almost $600 out of pocket right now. I asked for a payment plan, no. Pay in full. Thanks assholes, even ShopNBC does Value Pay. lol