First paycheck

I swear I am so tired but I have no reason to be. I just haven’t really got use to working yet. But over all I truly do love my job. Is it something I want to do for the rest of my life, no, is it something I can do right now to make good money? Yes. 😀 I got my first paycheck yesterday, for one week after tax, it was for 40 hours $331.25. So I am thinking for every two weeks around $660 give or take. I am looking forward to those paychecks. XD

I have to go fix my review mirror in my car, I was driving to school the other day and I went to adjust it. It just fell off! Are you for real? Kidding me, right? Nope. Just my luck.

Also, my oral surgery had to be canceled because Kyle’s dental doesn’t cover it. I am going to have to wait for mine to kick in in 90 days. :blah: We really don’t have the money to pay almost $600 out of pocket right now. I asked for a payment plan, no. Pay in full. Thanks assholes, even ShopNBC does Value Pay. lol