God dang flipper babies

I swear to goodness I am going to freak out on someone. I swear. Everyone keeps pushing me. Mainly customer’s at work. I got hung on like 5 times. Very rude. I also got yelled out, people using very nasty language with me and wanting some really stupid request too. I mean like, I know I have 30 days to return the phone but I wait to the last day and ask if I can give the phone back to a store with no box and then at a later date ship the box back and I know I got it from online but hell, why not do this for me? I am a customer. You also signed a contract and agreed to these terms. WTF? You know?

On top of that I also worked 8am to 11 am and then from 1pm to around 10:30 tonight. You have to love overtime. I need the money but it made it very hard to keep it together today. I felt like I was going to freak out all day. As soon as I got off work tonight I cried. Awww. Very sad. I really shouldn’t be in tears because of work. I think it was just a bad night. I normally don’t hate it so bad but today just got to me. I’m pretty sure it is because I only had like 4 hours of sleep and I’m totally not a morning person. Yuck for mornings.

Then on top of it all. T-mobile is being stupid. I mean, really stupid. It took me 7 calls, 2 days and 3 hours to get no where. What happen is I have two lines. I have the G1 and another basic line. I wanted the 34.99 unlimited data and texting on the G1 and no texting on the other line. This would save me around $10 a month but T-mobile stated I can’t have the 34.99 with a family. Okay, fine I can’t but the first 3 reps told me I could. And said it was changed. The last 4 said no and couldn’t even get what I had back correct. I didn’t have any texting for almost two days. Got told it was my phone. Even though I told them, it was on both phones. I was told it was taken care of by ever rep but still it was never fix until the last rep. I like her. She didn’t lie to me. It is finally working. Finally. I mean, come on. I do this for a living. I know it can’t be that hard.

I try to be totally understanding at that point but trust me by the seventh call. I was freaking out. I use to like the T-mobile. The only thing that came out of this, somehow I ended up with almost a total of $100 credit. Amazing. My bill at this time is only around $41. Not sure how the hell that happen but I am okay with that. I guess I won’t be that upset after all. I can’t beat that price.

I watching Cody and Dustan play Halo 3. Boring. I am going to be leaving after this match. I guess I am off for now.

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  1. T-Mobile sucks big donkey nuts seriously. I have had that kind of customer service from them since the beginning. That would be why I told them to kiss my ass and went back to Sprint lol.

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