Rochester, NY & Niagara Falls

Cammie and Me I got back from my very awesome road trip this morning around 5am. OMG! I was so tired this morning. Over all one of my favorite and best weekends ever. One reason it being so freaking awesome. I finally got to meet my Christina (aka Cammie). We have been talking for almost 9 years now. Give or take a few months. We became friends from a site called Pick-Me.Net. Most older bloggers will remember this site. It was designed to help un-hosted people find a host on a domain. This is before everyone had a domain of their own. Back when being hosted meant something.

Meet JillMeet Jill; Jill the GPS. Dustan’s dad let us use his GPS system. Totally awesome. I don’t think I would ever travel any other way now. Very nice. If we took the wrong path, it would just find a different way to get there. It even gave the correct time you where to get there. We all took shifts driving and paying for gas. Over all it cost each one of us a total of $30 to get there and back. There was three of us and each time we would only put it $15. How cool is that? A road trip from Bowling Green, KY to Rochester, NY only took a total of $45 to get there and another $45 to get back. It just is totally amazing to me.

We went to Rochester first, stayed Saturday, Sunday night and left Monday morning. Hanging out, watching movies, playing with “Red Rocket” and laughing. I had one of the greatest times in my life. It was just nice to finally sit in the same room as my best friend in the whole world. It is so surreal now. Thinking back. It felt very surreal the whole time matter of fact.

Niagara Falls Monday when we left we decided to go by Niagara Falls on the way back home. Why not? Just an hour out of our way. Very much wroth the extra hour. We got tons of pictures. It was so pretty. Hard to put in words. I really enjoyed myself. I still can’t believe everything. Just the idea that after all this time. Christina and me planing on meeting. And we finally do it. OMG! Still freaking amazing.

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  1. Dear god I should have worn a hat .. my hair looks like shit lol. It really was surreal wasn’t it? It was great to just hang out in the same room! I knew “Red Rocket” was going to get an honorable mention here lmfao. I can’t eait to see you again … hopefully without the snow and cold 😉 I <3 My Jenn

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