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“No Excuses” –Alice In Chains

November 30

This song tells how I feel right now. I am so mad. . .I’m seeing shades of red I haven’t ever seen. I will write more later. . .

“No Excuses” — Alice In Chains

It’s alright
There comes a time
Got no patience to search
For peace of mind
Layin’ low
Want to take it slow
No more hiding or
Disguising truths I’ve sold

Everyday it’s something
Hits me all so cold
Find me sittin’ by myself
No excuses, that I know

It’s okay
Had a bad day
Hands are bruised from
Breaking rocks all day
Drained and blue
I bleed for you
You think it’s funny, well
You’re drowning in it too

Yeah, it’s fine
We’ll walk down the line
Leave our rain, a cold
Trade for warm sunshine
You my friend
I will defend
And if we change, well I
Love you anyway

Unconscious Mutterings 002

November 27
  1. Rhyme :: Blues
  2. Substantial :: Important
  3. Instant :: Now
  4. Greed :: Money
  5. Brad :: Some guy
  6. Season :: Winter
  7. Accomplished :: Me
  8. Invite :: Party
  9. Sparkle :: Glitter
  10. Rainbow :: Jennifer

Unconscious Mutterings

Long Day

November 24

Happy turkey day. I had a good one. . .long but good. I got to spend it with family. I kept falling a sleep during the visits. That’s what I get for not sleeping last night. :yawn:

I talked to the person in my last entry. I believe we have something worked out but not all. I want to be able to talk to them more but I haven’t really had the chance. I truly believe this person waits the same thing I want but it’s just hard for them to say or do what they want. Maybe everything will work out. I hope.

I have been washing clothes like crazy since I got home. I have put a ton of them away. I finally feels pretty nice getting things caught up. I needed to so bad. I was getting so behind. I didn’t have any clean towels or socks. I had to keep going down stairs and hunting and finding random stuff to just get what I needed. I have only had time to wash work clothes. That’s it. Finally a little time.

The bad thing is I have to go back to work today at 4pm. But after today and tomorrow I will get two days off in a row. Time to sleep in and have some fun. 🙂

I’m off to wash some more clothes, take a shower then bed. I hope.

Hard to describe

November 16

I feel very mislead about a lot of things in the past weeks about a person I have been talking to. I don’t think this person wanted to mislead me but I feel that weather or not. I just don’t understand why. They act one way with me and then turn around and do something different. It’s really hard to describe it. I just feel so uncomfortable about the whole thing.

I really can’t come out and say what I’m talking about. I don’t want the whole world to know my life. LOL I have talked to this person a little bit and they said they are just stressed out before of so much going on. Well, don’t lead someone on to think one thing and do something totally different. I’m truly not mad about it. I’m just upset . . . hurt . . . mainly hurt.

I’m so tired I must be heading off to bed soon. I have to be at work a 11am and work till 10pm. Time to sleep . . . well, shower then sleep.

Yay to me

November 12

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy 21 to Jennifer, happy birthday to me!!!!