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Whole Again

January 26

I have tried to update some. I haven’t really had time. As of Sunday I will have worked 55 hours. I’m very tried. I also have to finish packing my stuff. I still have stuff at my other apartment. I must finish that before the first.

I have put off way to much. I can’t help it. This month has been so busy but I have got almost everything moved.

As soon as I can get my camera hooked up to my computer I will try to get some pictures uploaded. I have tons of shots I want to get up. My gallery is looking very lonely.

As to my last post. I am feeling a lot better. I have been thinking and spending time with the people I need too. I think I am becoming whole again.

Lost. . .

January 13
  1. Episode :: 11
  2. Source :: Code
  3. Jerk :: Off
  4. Introduce :: Me
  5. Ralph :: Wiggum
  6. Stare :: Look
  7. Cast :: Away
  8. Scenario :: Life
  9. Flu :: Sick
  10. Mad :: About You

I don’t know what to do anymore. . .i feel so lost. . .lonely. . .so many words.

New Year & New Life

January 4

Happy New Year! I have decided to put more time in to my other parts of my life and stop sitting down and start enjoying everything in life.

Life is to short!! Be happy!! 😀

PS: Look forward to a new look and updates! Before the end of next week.