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It’s been a while

August 17

You know what? It has been a good forever since I updated. I got the net back last week but just now sitting down and updating everything. I added some new pictures to the Photo Log. I also update the layout and updated the FAQ page. As I hope everyone can tell about the layout. It looks good to me. Something a little different for me nothing really a big deal about it besides the fact it’s very clean looking.

The move went okay. I thought it could have went worse. I am still unloading boxes which totally sucks. It seems they just keep coming. I can’t believe how much stuff I had.

I can’t believe how much I missed the net. I think I have a problem. Wait, I know I have a problem. I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. *yells* “Hi, I’m Jenn and I have been without net for a month. I think I went a little crazy.” lol I just crack myself up. As everyone can tell.

CJ and I are still doing very well. He is about to start WKU on the 27th and I’m still at Wendy’s. :yay: Not really but whatever. At least it pays the bills. Nothing else really going on.