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February 27

I should have been in bed ages ago. I’m very tired but can’t sleep. Like always.

Let’s see what the hell that has been going on. Umm. . .

  • Start a new job next week.
  • Last day at Arby’s is Sunday.
  • Still unpacking stuff from the move.
  • Cj and I are getting along very well at the moment.
  • I did like this layout for about 10 seconds but now I want something new.
  • Been on the computer updating stuff all night. (Got my links updated and my page redone)
  • Have a few ideas for a layout. Can’t seem to put them down yet.
  • I have to be up in a few hours. :yuck:

I think that about sums it up. Great, huh?  Maybe time for bed, maybe not. Not sure yet. If I stay up I can see the pretty snow we got. Very lovely to look at but not so good to drive in. Thank goodness Cj come and got me last night. Well, CJ and Dustan. Same differences, right? 😆


February 4

I finally got my act together and put my thoughts into a layout. I love how simple it is and the colors. Something besides pink. :yuck: I don’t think I could have looked at it another day.

I’ve changed a few things around and edited my menu a little. Nothing else to report.

Went to my mother’s house today. Washes a ton of clothes and cleaned house a bit. Going to try to get Cj up to come to bed.

I believe it’s shower time for me. Then a bite to eat.

The life of a me. Sounds like so much phone.


February 3

Just sitting here listing to Cj sleep and drinking a cold one (B&J Exotic Berry). Nothing else to report. I need to get off my butt and finish the house work before bed. I’m going to my mother’s house tomorrow and won’t be home all day. So, in return nothing will get done unless I do it tonight or tomorrow night before bed.

Mr. Kitty and I are just sitting here. I wanted to update the layout here. I know what I want but I just don’t have the energy or time to put it together right now. I think I’ve caught up on all my daily blogs and my normal reading.

I guess I’m off here so I can get this stuff done.

PS: SSDD means Same Shit Different Day

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February 2

Testing my new myspace crossposter. 🙂

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