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Shoot me please

March 26

Not much really been going on. Same old stuff.

Printer won’t work for some odd reason. It just won’t come on. Work is well work. I like it better then my old job. I like being able to sit at a desk. 🙂 My dad had to go to the doctor he thought he pulled something. Turns out he has a tumor like growth that he has to have removed and lets see, what else. I finally made a couple of friends here. Everything has been mixed up around here. Not all bad but not all good. Just in the middle it seems.

I don’t know what the hell really is going on. I have had this feeling of being over whelmed for days now. I can’t seem to shack it. I feel worried. I have been having nightmares just about every night. I don’t know. . .I just don’t know.

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Putting it off

March 16

I’m not sure why I keep putting off updating. I’ve really not been that busy. I have been working Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm for the last two weeks and for the next two weeks for OJT (On the Job Training) I’m working 2pm -11pm. Then my normal work week will begin. Which will be Sunday and Monday off Tuesday – Saturday 3:30 to 11pm. I will be doing Web Chat for Verizon Wireless. I’m customer care. 😯 lol

I’ve made a new layout and umm. . .finally checked my email. Not much else. Oh, yeah, watching a crap-ton of Nip/Tuck. I’m so addicted.

PS: Today is Caroline’s 10th birthday. Where did the time go? OMG!