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I’m so sleepy

December 22

OMG! I stayed up until 7am watching the whole first season of Weeds. Awesome! Simply put!

Trying to get my ass in line so I can go to the bank and then come back home to be lazy! Yay for being lazy.

I just couldn’t sleep last night.

Netflix ate my soul

December 21

I have been kind of busy. Well, always busy. On my days off either I’m at my moms or I’m here but I have one of the kids for one reason or another. I swear. I started a password protected entry but never finished. I am sure I will finish it later. 🙂

I joined Netflixs. Very nice. Between downloading/burning movies and renting them. I have been very busy. I normally just watch mainly TV shows but I have been watching a lot of movies too in the mix. I don’t have cable tv in my bed room, just my computer. So, it is truly easier for me to load a movie on the screen and watch before bed.

Tonight I am going to be watching season one of Weeds. Looks very nice.

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How many days

December 14

How many more days is it to Christmas? Today is the 14th, so 11. OMG! I have not gotten one thing so far. Must do that tonight or tomorrow.

I’m waiting on mom to get into town. I’m keeping Meadow tonight and we are all getting a late lunch together.

Everything is been going pretty well. I don’t believe I have had that many break downs but you know? lol How many will have before I’m truly okay.

I am kind of broke right now but you know what? I don’t care. All my bills are paid. I have tons of food and I feel good.

What else do I need? Well, besides my Cammie!! I <3 you!

Mom just called. Time to meet her for lunch. Yum!

Move in date

December 1

I  moved as of today. I can’t believe it. Finally my own place again. No worries. 🙂 Very short post. Have to finish unpacking. Long day. Very.

Work is very bad since it is getting so close to holidays.

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