Monthly Archives October 2010

Good mood

After not sleeping very well at all last night I am still in a good mood. Weird. Not sure why but I am going to run with it. I hate being tired and sad, so this works. lol 😀 My trip to NY was amazing. I spent a whole week with my Cammie. Every time […]

New York

I am going to fly tomorrow for the first time ever in my life. I am going to New York to visit my friend. She came down here in May. I am so excited. 😀 I can not wait. I am scared too. I will be gone from Saturday to Saturday. Wish me luck. I […]

Chemical database

If anyone is reading my twitter account you would know I am writing my first real PHP script. I am doing pretty good. I have the database set up. The form entering the data. A drop down / search box to display information. And just normal display results. I am so proud of myself. I […]