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Over all

I am super tired but that’s because well, I don’t have a reason besides normal life. I have been on the computer for hours today and all I have done is goofed off and not one thing of homework. Normally I need to do a little homework every night to stay on track, not even […]

Homework that never ends

I swear this week has been the week of homework that never ends. I started one of my courses last week. It’s only an 8 week course so it has a lot going on in a short amount of time. It’s a networking class which makes it way sucker because well, I don’t like the […]

Double rainbow in my backyard

Girls who Geek

Girls who Geek – A wonderful website for all your coding needs!!

House full of love

I have a house full of people and I couldn’t be happier. They drive me insane sometimes but over all I am super happy about it. I have Caroline (age 13) and Meadow (age 10) plus Chance (age 3) tonight. We had family night. Watched movies and had dinner. The kids have been here since […]