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School, Christina & Doctor appointments

June 25

I am busy finishing up my last semester of school. Just two classes and I am done for now. I am so sick and tired of school. I feel like I have been doing it for way to long.

Christina came and visited from June 8th until June 15th. We had so much fun I just wish it was longer. Each visit she stays or I visit her it never is enough time. I just want her near. :/ I might end up writing an entry just about her visit, but today isn’t that day. lol.

In November of last year I had laparoscopic surgery on endometriosis and scar tissue. The doctors at that time thought this might be the reason why I hadn’t gotten pregnant at that point; which in November we had been trying a year and eight months. The doctor said he had great faith that he removed most of the endometriosis and thought my chances of getting pregnant would be higher. If I wasn’t pregnant within six months to come back. Well, May of this year was six months from my surgery and here I am still NOT pregnant. I called the office and I have to have some more test run. I have to have what is called a HSG (hysterosalpingogram). For people that don’t know:

A hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-ray test that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them. It often is done for women who are having a hard time becoming pregnant (infertile).

I am been super scared up until this point because if I don’t know, then there is still a chance of me getting pregnant in the back of my mind. If I do this test and they find something that could be it. Kyle and I are done. I’m just scared of knowing. Sometimes faith and hope is all someone has.

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I need to learn not to touch stuff

June 1

I really need to learn not to touch stuff once I have fix it. About two and a half weeks ago I finally called about my hard drive making all kinds of noise and running very slow. I had just got the hard drive for Christmas this past December. I call Western Digital, it’s still under warranty. They sent me a new one and I had to send my old one back. I had already backed everything up. I finally got every thing replaced, installed and working.

I start reading about Ubuntu again. I really missed playing with it. I had it installed ages ago. I think even before I had my current computer build. I tied installing it and it totally messed up my new hard drive. It will no longer boot Windows nor Ubuntu from the install.

Currently I backed up all files on a external hard drive and trying to run Window’s Startup Repair in hopes it can fix my hard drive I just got from Western Digital. For some reason it turned my hard drive to a RAW state not a NTFS. Not sure what happen but whatever. I have learned my lesson. I just hope I don’t have to buy a new hard drive and this one will work. Otherwise I might be doing everything from the laptop until I get some extra money.

Right this moment I am saving every dime for next week when my Cammie will be here visiting for a whole week. We haven’t spent a whole week together since 2010. I need time with her more then my hard drive at this moment.