Never tire

May 16

Two things I will never get tired of books and wine.

Believe in me

November 29

Stoned, Naked, And Looking In My Neighbor’s Window

August 10

I finished my book. Very good. 5 Stars. I really hope they make a 2nd book. πŸ™‚ That would make me happy. Some people are going to read this entry just because of the entry title. πŸ˜† That makes me laugh.

I finally have my computer desk I got a month or so ago. The desk was given to me. I love it. I have so much more room now for all my junk. . . I mean, office stuff. :floppy: The picture is kind of dark but that’s okay, you get the idea.

I just got done picking up the living room and changing over one of the hamster cages. We had 3 in this one cage but one of them died today. πŸ˜₯ This made me very sad. He died of wet tail. I felt so bad for him. We didn’t realize he had it until today. He seemed fine yesterday when I was playing with him. We got some drops for the other hamsters and I’m hoping they won’t have it or if they do they can get better. I don’t want anymore of our hamsters to get sick. I feel so bad.

I still need to wash some dishes, work on this one guys website. He is paying me to build it from the ground up. Got to love web design. I get to sit on my butt doing what I love. :yay: I also, need to get to bed soon as well. :yawn: I am a little tired. So much to do.