12Dec   Spunky


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Here is mine and Kyle’s new dog, Spunky. We get to pick him up Wednesday after he gets fixed. I can’t wait to get him. So, cute! We got him from the Humane Society. We saved a life. 😀

Anyway, this is a new domain. I am using a pre-made from the great Rose. She is amazing. I love the simple design. It works until I have one made. I have started but I have to get use to designing WP again.

6Dec   A lot of first

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This was our (Kyle and I) first Thanksgiving together. I am so happy at the moment and have been since we started dating. I haven’t been this happy in forever feels like but I know all the past hurt has been all leading up to something great, that something great being Kyle.

He is amazing. He just takes my breathe away. &heart; Anything and everything I need he is willing to do or try to do for me. I am so not use to it. He tells me he is going to have to re-program me. lol

22Nov   Today

Today is one of those days where not one thing is really going right. My car has failed me this morning. Not sure what’s wrong with it. It has been not starting randomly and Kyle’s car is just stupid. Something about the key that starts it won’t if it isn’t just right. Car fails.

Anyway, I am going to eat lunch with my baby!

21Nov   Random note: 001

I have the best boyfriend in the whole world! I texted him saying

Me: So, what do I have to do to get you to bring me a pizza roll?
Kyle: Lol idk y u wanting pizza rolls?
Me: Cuz I’m hungry! 🙂
Kyle: Hmmmm
Me: So, is that a yes or no?
Kyle: Oooo i guess i canz :p
Me: Thank you baby. Buster wants to know if you will pick him up pizza rolls too.

Too funny, I love him so much. He is my goof-ball!