30Mar   Over all

I am super tired but that’s because well, I don’t have a reason besides normal life. I have been on the computer for hours today and all I have done is goofed off and not one thing of homework. Normally I need to do a little homework every night to stay on track, not even ahead. πŸ™

On the plus side, I do start work Friday. I am happy about this but on the other hand, I feel like I will never stay a head or on track with school but I have to do what I got to do.

I am trying to edit tags and place ones together, like college and BGTC. And I am moving old entires over. It’s taking a bit, since I have to place them in categories and some I have to edit tags. Not that big of a deal it just takes a lot of time.

I wanted to write a small entry and catch up. Maybe tomorrow I will do homework. . . Yeah right. πŸ˜€ I am going to try to talk Kyle in to a shower then cuddles.

20Feb   New look

Rawrz has a new look thanks to a couple of people, first Rose for her awesome tutorial on WP comments, then Hannah with her new layout that gave me some of my ideas to make this layout and then I used Aisling font for the headers and what not. I love this font, it looks so much like my own. πŸ™‚ Then also I used Yusuke icons. It has finally came together.

I think it turned out pretty good. Please leave your comments.

12Dec   Spunky


Originally uploaded by ibbanginghippos

Here is mine and Kyle’s new dog, Spunky. We get to pick him up Wednesday after he gets fixed. I can’t wait to get him. So, cute! We got him from the Humane Society. We saved a life. πŸ˜€

Anyway, this is a new domain. I am using a pre-made from the great Rose. She is amazing. I love the simple design. It works until I have one made. I have started but I have to get use to designing WP again.

24Nov   Trying to

I have been trying to update on a daily bases again. Even if it’s small updates. Even if those are small updates.

Friday I will have been with Kyle a month. I am so head over heels for this boy. He is magic! I am truly happy again. It has taken me sometime to get back to this point. It has been a hard road. I’m not going to lie. But worth it. I understand why it didn’t work with anyone else now. He makes these crazy butterflies in my stomach. πŸ™‚

21Nov   Testing

I am testing the WP app for the iPhone 4. I hope this works out well. If it does, I hope to blog more just because I always have my phone with me. πŸ™‚