I feel like screaming. I’m not sure why. I just want to scream. Get out everything going on in my head. I have so many thoughts running around.

First, I would like to say to Dave, CANDY is what I live for. I love to eat it. That’s the reason I love Easter and Halloween. I love IT!! lmao

Oh and another thing. I watched The Ring tonight. Odd ass movie. It was good but very odd. It scared the shit out of me.

Oh, about what I wrote. I do feel like screaming. I want to write too. I’m in such a writing mood. That’s odd, I’m not use to writing a lot. Ummmmm….wonders!

I have been thinking about every little thing that goes on in my life…NO matter how small or how big. Even the little things seem to matter more then they did before. Its really odd to me. I feel like running in to the dark and dancing around until the moon falls and the warm glow of the sun comes up. =)

God, I need to stop typing. I’m going to say something I didn’t want to say.

I put up a new layout!! Hope you like? Tell me what you think!!