Feelings shouldn’t be hurt

“How else do you want me to say it? Do you want me to say it in French, ’cause I don’t speak French.” – Mr. West to the drum line on 08.22.03

I am so bored right now. So, I thought that I would update my blog. I know what a good reason to update…huh? Right now I am listening to I can love you like that, By: All 4 One. I love that song. Every time I hear it, I think of Chris…I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. LMAO I love him so much.

Kitten and I was talking today and she kind of hurt my feelings with something she said. I was like ‘I’m happy with Chris, I really am.’ And she said ‘The question isn’t if your happy now, it’s if your going to be happy later’. It hurt my feelings. I had a right to be hurt over that…right? 😕 I don’t know…she said I hurt her feelings by saying something about her and her new g/f. I didn’t mean for it to be mean. I just feel like she is going to get hurt somehow by this new g/f. I guess it’s me just trying to watch out for her…I have always looked out for her. But any who….

I guess I will go…I’m off to work on…anything to keep me awake. LMAO