New Layout

“The people who say I told you so are winning.” –Laron Reynolds

I just still can’t believe I am really moving. I think it has finally hit her that I am moving and that I’ve made up my mind. I hope you understands. I just can only handle so much, you know? But I guess that is another story.

I have emailed Ronda and Tony about 3 times and yet they haven’t answered me back. I am worried. They were driving home from NY last time they emailed me and they said they would be there before morning. So, I guess that they are just driving like mad men.

I don’t know if I am going to like living with Chris and his family or not. I mean I love Chris with everything that I am and all but living with someone and dating them is two different things. I’m just worried I’m going to be a bitch to him. And I don’t want that at all. I hope that I can be a good girlfriend. 😀

Next, new layout! What do you think? To simple, just right? Does the colors look okay? Just wondering.

Comment…I wanna know what you think!