I hate being female sometimes

I am not in a good mood. Sometimes I really hate being female. Lets leave it at that.

But anyway, I am trying to make some new layout themes. Kind of like what I have now, but different and new. I would take down these and add the new ones. I like the fact my site is skinned now. It took so long to get it to work. Now, after it finally works, I don’t want to take it down.

I worked on Plugitnow.Org so more today or last time. Can’t remember. I added a tag board, like mine and a theme to it. The theme was added a couple of days ago.

Our hammie babies all died but one. He/she is doing very good. One we couldn’t find and the other we found died. Very sad. I was very upset and so was Keith. Our first babies and only one lived. On the plus side, mom said Caroline (now 6) can have him/her. Which I am glad he/she is going to a place where Keith and I can visit. We would hate to sell our first baby.

Keith got payed today. We are going to Wal-Mart tonight to get a few things and plus I wanted a fish again. I miss having one. I had one at my mom and dads and now I want one again. And plus I hope having the fish tank in the bedroom will help having a white nose for Keith. We have had to keep a fan going the whole winter. Which sucks because I freeze. Damn fan!!

I also, want to change how my blog entries look. I am going to keep them the same but move a few things around. Go me. I am going to put the plugs on the bottom of the entry. Since I am finally getting a few. I also, want the plug in hack for B2 and the mood/music fill in hack. If anyone has these and wouldn’t mind helping me out. I would love you forever.

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