Tomorrow is another day

Great news. Keith got a job. Working where I was going to be working, ACK. He starts today from 4am to 4pm. I feel so much better now since he got a job. I was stressing like crazy. :stress: My face was breaking out and I was worried sick. For right now, Keith will be only a temp and he will get paid :money: every week until he goes full time then he will get paid every two weeks.

On other news, umm . . . I don’t have anyother news. How sad? But I guess good news is better then no news at all. 🙂

By Jenn

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That’s great about the job! 🙂 Money is always a good thing, and well not having money to pay bills is a major stress.

Thanks for commenting on my site. I am not pregnant, it was all an April Fool’s

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