You did what, to who, for how many cookies?

Guess who now has a fanlisting for her? PICK ME!! Rainbow Fanlisting Are you fan? If so, you should go join. Make me feel loved. *giggles* 😀

We went to Keith’s parents house Saturday night and stayed the night and got up and went to my parents house for a grill out Sunday. We had fun. We just hung out and talked with both sides of the family.

Nothing much else to report. Just tired. :yawn: I went to bed with Keith last night around 8pm or so. I got up around 1:45am to cook him breakfast and fix his lunch for him. I plan on staying up for a few hours. I need to call about some apartments and houses and I need to pick up the living room some and finish washing all the clothes. :yuck:

We plan on moving with in the next month or so. Hints the reason why I am going to call about some apartments and houses today. We looked in the paper and found a few that might work. We are looking for a 3 bedroom because his brother is going to be moving in with us and we need more space anyway. Nathan’s graduation is May 27 I believe. Which means, I have been out of school for one year now. WOW! It doesn’t seem that long.

For once the weather was very nice this weekend. :sun: I so enjoyed having the sun shine down and being about to sit in the sun and feel good. :looksleft: I love pretty weather. I think everyone does.

Thank you for every ones suggests about what I should do about my period. I am going to call the Health Department today and try to get appointment for this week. I am going to ask to be put on the shot I think. I am going to talk to them about all birth control but I want something that I don’t have to worry about and is easy. I hate thinking about getting a shot often but if that means I will feel better and my heath will improve that I am all about it.

I have been off birth control since October and I think it is finally taken its toll on me. I have been getting heavier and heavier and I am starting to get weaker and weaker. I think getting on birth control again will really help that. I need to be on it anyway but didn’t start taking it back after I had the miscarriage.

4 thoughts on “You did what, to who, for how many cookies?

  1. I’m on the shot (Depo Provera) as well.. the only real thing you have to worry about is that it *will* decrease your bone density – it’s not meant to be used more than two years as a birth control method. It is awfully convenient though – and the shot.. you don’t even feel it.
    I really like just getting four shots a year and not having to worry, I just wish it was a permanent thing and I wouldn’t have to switch after a couple years. Apparently as soon as you switch to another method, your bone density will come back up.

  2. Yay, someone made you a fanlisting! I’ve joined! 😀

    I graduated last year from high school, and yeah, I so can’t believe it’s already been a year. And to think we’re getting older! When I was a kid, I never thought these days would come.

    If you think the shot is the right decision for you, do it! I’m sure you’ll be much more happier when you don’t feel icky when you have your thing, because it sounds like what you were going through the other day wasn’t normal.

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