I am very tired at the moment. I have been up since early. :yawn: Right now, everyone is a sleep but me and I think I need to go there now. My hands are very cold matter of fact I am cold all over. Damn AC! I feel like a snowman.

Nathan is over for the next few nights. We have had fun tonight. We all watched a movie and Keith made chili for supper. Yum. I love his chili. It has to be the best around. Very good.

I have been downloading more fonts today. Total fonts on my computer 3,385. WOW! I have a lot of fonts. I love them. About 5 weeks ago we bought a cd that had 4,000 fonts on it for $2.99 at Big Lots. I thought that was a pretty good buy. You can’t buy 1 font for that much off line sometimes and I told myself I would never buy :money: fonts since I could get some many for free but for a total of $3 we couldn’t really beat that price.

I made some shop items for Lavish.Nu the other day. Matter of fact it was a total of 40. I got really bored. 🙂 Jenn is suppose to get them up by Friday. I can’t wait. I made one with a hippo on it and everything. I also, made one with Hello Kitty and a ton of others. LOL I thought they all where very cute.

4 thoughts on “Yawn.

  1. It’s amazing that I’m not the only one that gets cold. It’s really hot and humid outside, and yet, when I come indoors, I need to wear a sweatshirt. I guess my senses are touchy, or something. I love fonts, but if I use too many, it takes forever to find one I like, mainly because I don’t have a font-viewer on my computer. Sadly, I still can’t access lavish.nu! I guess maybe it’s not meant for me to look there, or something?

  2. lol wow thats a lot of fonts! thats super crazy! i have like…. ahh i donno 40 fonts? its kool lol wow Im going to come back here a lot!

    wow I get cold too! and Im ALWAYS the only one awake at my house while everyone is sleeping… like now for instance!:D

    ♥ Rochelle

  3. I’m a member of Lavish, but not that active *slaps self*. :dead:

    Thats so many fonts lol, my computer got reformated so I only have about 100 now lol. I need to get downloading!

  4. I have a font program, but I couldn’t figure out how to install it lmao 😀 Wow, you do have a lot of fonts, indeed. Really cute site!

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