House to myself

Finally I have the house to myself. I love it. I love my husband and I love Nathan to death but I need me time. :lmao: We haven’t done much here lately. On, the plus side Keith is trying to quit smoking. He is doing pretty good at the moment. I am so happy about this. I hope he stays with it this time. I really do. I want my husband around for as long as possible. :hearts:

Well, Keith just called. He might be getting off work early and he is off work tomorrow. The whole plant is off and the parts he was suppose to run from 12am to 4am aren’t the right length or something like that. Great. The check that rent comes out of is what he is getting paid for doing last week and this weekend. Nathan said he would help us out. Which he always does with rent. I’m glad he does help.

It seems business is picking up a little. I might be helping this one chick with editing the way WordPress looks. And I just got paid for helping out the M-L and I have been getting paid from Chet for a while. 🙂 It’s all good. I know I really enjoy working online. I enjoy it more then any.

We went and talk to the hospital. We give them all of our paper work and now we just have to wait and see what happens. As far as I know she told us we might get up to 50% or more of our hospital bills paid for. That would be so wonderful. Things seem to be getting better. Which I am glad of.

Well, I really want to watch some TV and then after :tv: TV I am going to wash dishes and some clothes. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? No, not really. 😆 BTW, I did get my fried green tomatoes and they was sooo good. :yummy:

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  1. aw my boyfriend is trying to quit smoking (weed) and he can’t just quit cold turkey, cuz it calms him down and i’m cool with that, but i hope he will be able to quit..cuz sometime i’m gonna wanna have kids

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