I’m the bomb!

I downloaded a few plug ins for Firefox. I’m in love! I downloaded one for gmail, one that checks valid for each site you visit and another one that lets you update your LJ with one click on your Firefox menu. It’s amazing how many sites say they are valid but has so many errors and warnings. I went through and checked all my pages and now every page is 100% valid. :yay: Go me. I am such the bomb. *place big ego here*

We went to my parents house Thursday night and spent the night. I watched the girls Friday and then we went to Keith’s grandparent’s house for a birthday dinner for Judy. It was such good food. :yummy: We had grilled chicken, rolls, green beans, potatoes, and some other food I can’t remember at this moment. Silly me.

Keith goes to second shift Wednesday night. :cute: I am so happy about it. I can’t wait for Keith and me to be able to go to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time. It will be so great! 🙂 He will be working from 4 pm to 4am now. This makes me feel so much better. And after shut down he will be going full time. Which means more :money: money!! Money = good time.

I have been working on the Martini-Lounge.Com and having fun posting at M-L.Com Lounge and Lavish.Nu. I love posting at forums. But trust me, I am not a power poster. I only post when I have something to say not one liners that are just. . . well, dumb. :stress: People who do that make me very mad. I get all red in the face and want to go off. Or maybe it is just stupid people that can’t read rules. :lmao:

I took out my nose ring. I grew to not like it. I guess if I want it back Keith will redo it but I really seem to like it better out. I don’t know what changed my mind but I took it out.

I need to go I guess. I have to change the mice cage out and the hamster cages out. Keith gave Cookie a bath earlier for me so I wouldn’t have too. I didn’t want to get my hands in water because I cut my finger cutting open some beef.

2 thoughts on “I’m the bomb!

  1. Firefox = goodness. I am in love with it. I’d ask it to marry me if I thought I had a chance. Hard to believe some people don’t like it. Which is understandable, with it being so trendy and all.

    You sound busy. Food, again, = goodness. I think i drooled a bit..

    Oh oh, I was once a power poster, but then I learned the error of my ways, soon after I stopped posting all together. All my accounts were deleted. Muahaha.

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