Gallery has been updated.

I finally got my butt around to updating the gallery. You can find the newest images here and pictures of our new puppy here. I’m so proud. I just added like 21 images and redid all the thumbnails. I made them a little smaller so it didn’t mess with the gallery layout. :yay:

I decided that I am going to make Keith and Nathan t-shirts soon. I have the design already done and everything. The shirts are going to say: Nice Tattoo! Did you do it yourself? :lmao: Isn’t that great. I think I’m going to make me one too. I think that is the greatest ever. Next to: Your shirt says princess but your face says troll. Man, I love the internet.

I finally found my sticker books. I thought I had lost them. I swear I looked all over this house and in my desk. I took everything out of my desk and checked and nothing. I went to get something out of my desk to show Keith and their they where. Just laying there. *slaps self hard* I swear I think I’m blind sometimes. :question: I feel like such a dork because I’m in love with stickers and postcards. Well, it could be worse I could be in love with crack. :eww:

I almost forgot to write this but Lee and Jeremiah came over Tuesday night and gave us an anniversary gift. They gave us an Philips DVD player. One that plays all formats. So we can burn disks from our computer and play them. How sweet and cool is that. :wow: I can’t believe they did that for us. I don’t think Keith and I could think them enough.

8 thoughts on “Gallery has been updated.

  1. LMAO at the troll shirt! I love shirts like that. My favorite shirt is the one I have of the cow jumping over the moon saying “I’ve got mad skills!”

  2. Cute puppy!!

    I think I’ve seen a shirt that says the princess/troll thing.

    I used to love stickers!! I think I still have my sticker notebook around somewhere.

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