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Things I really need to do. . .

December 23

I really need to start doing more then just home, sleep and work. I need to get off my butt and work on my site, on my father-in-law’s site and work on getting Keith a site back up. I have a lot to do but not enough time.

I keep wanting to do random things that have nothing to do with what I need to do. Isn’t that how it always is. I have pictures on my camera that I want to post in my gallery and I need to update my other domains. I have a lot to do.

After I get done updating here I’m going to update Chet’s site and then I’m going to update my site. After all that, I plan on spending time with Keith before I got to bed. See the 22nd was Keith’s 24th birthday. I made him a cake. :censored: I wanted to take a picture of it before I cut it but I guess it’s to late. Oh, well. I think I will be okay.

Keith and I exchanged gifts early :giftbox: this year. I got a really pretty ring, a Pink Floyd hoodie, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 1 and a few other things. I can’t remember off my head. I can’t wait to see our family’s faces when they open their gifts. I love giving gifts. It really does make me happy.

    Friday Five:

  • 1) What word irks you every time you hear someone say it? High School
  • 2) What is your favorite word? Hover (read like “hoover”)
  • 3) What does it mean? You know, to hover over something. (Keith thinks this is the cutest thing ever.)
  • 4) What word do you say far too often? Wendy’s
  • 5) Name three words you think other people overuse:I’m straight”, “I’m for real” and “Dude“. (My friends don’t use big words. :lmao:)

Protected: Dear God,

December 17

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I was reading email when. . .

December 12

I am just terrible at updating this thing anymore. I updated twice in one day and then the next I don’t update for a week or longer.

Last night Dewayne and I went to the next town over so he could meet Kim. I think it went off well. They traded numbers so that is always good thing. I think Kim and Dewayne both need someone sweet and caring. . .maybe they can find it in each other. I know I felt that way with Keith. I knew I needed someone for me and he was it.

I just got off work a few minutes ago. I started this blog entry this morning but didn’t finish it. I’m great like that.

I just checked my email I had a an email left from my contact form from someone named “one mean person” (12.36.238.#) and the comment noted “your still a whore “. I’m not sure how I am this but okay. I’m married and have been married to Keith for over a year now. Been with Keith for almost two years and I’m a whore. :wtf: I wonder if this could be someone jealous of how happy Keith and I are or the fact that they wish they had what Keith and I have. Whatever the case I find it funny they won’t leave their real name just “one mean person“. Okay, you called me a whore, this is mean how? “Oh, my feels are hurt.” *note sarcasm here” :lmao: I crack myself up.

I’m off to put clothes away. I have two baskets of clean clothes sitting in my living room. . .it is time to put them away. ๐Ÿ˜€

Daily Twist

December 7

Nothing really that new going on. Just work and come home and do the daily life stuff. How boring. I’m becoming an old women and I’m not even 21 yet. How sad? ๐Ÿ˜†

Since I got paid :money: Monday I am thinking about buying a new cellphone. I told Keith when I first started working that was the first thing I was going to buy and if they are as cheap as someone told me they was I am going to buy one tomorrow (well, today really). I really hope I can get a better phone. My old phone isn’t working as well as it use to. It’s a little over a year old. Time for a new one! I have been looking at phones online and I’m not sure how much I’m going to pay. Stupid website. They have prices but it’s labeled odd. I keep looking at it and wondering off in to space. I’m great like that.

    Friday Five (better late then never)

  • 1. What do you do for fun? Web design and spend time with my husband.
  • 2. Is there a person from your past you would like to talk to again, even if it would be a potentially painful conversation? Yeah, a few. I would to see old friends that I lost contact with over the years. Maybe even my grandfathers. ๐Ÿ˜
  • 3. What is your favorite comfort food? Anything.
  • 4. What is your preferred form of self-expression? Painting, sewing and digital art.
  • 5. You just received $5000; what do you spend it on? Pay off everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

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December 7

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