I just woke up about a half an hour ago. I’m stilling yawning, still not really awake yet and very hungry. I can’t think of anything good to eat and I have to be at work at 5. Which really blows. I much rather be sitting here at home. It’s rainy and good sleeping weather and even better working on web design weather.

I really enjoyed my two days off. I hardly ever get them and when I do I really, really enjoy them. I get to be lazy or clean house or do whatever.

Friday night we drove around and went to this store called Git-R-Done. Keith wanted to buy a coy boy hat and this story is the “place” around here to get really nice coy boy hats. Well, after we paid for his hat he picked up her business card and remarked “I noticed you don’t have a website. Are you going to have one?” She remarked “Yes, I was just talking about it with a girl, she quoted me a $150 to get started.” Then I popped out with “I will do it for $75.” I went out to explain what sites I have done, how long I have been doing design and so on. I finally got me another client. How great is that? It made my day. I was. .still so happy about it. 😀

Saturday Keith went to work, I just cleaned a little bit and worked on this and that on my computer and then after he got off work Keith came home from work. A couple of friends called up and wanted to hang out. They ended up spending the night. They left before I got my sorry butt out of bed but I stilled enjoyed hanging out.

I’m off to find something that sounds good.