A lot going on

So much is going on. Most people don’t know but Keith and I have decided to take a break from each other. I have found another apartment and I’m in the middle of moving. He has started to pack some of his stuff downstairs. I think this is the best for both of us for right now. Time a part.

Everything at work is going fine. Same old thing. I am so tired of working all the time but I truly believe I will start to get some alone time now. I can start doing all the stuff I need to do and want to do.

12 thoughts on “A lot going on

  1. If you really do feel that it’s best for you guys right now, then ti’s the best. I hope you and Keith do sort things out soon, though. I don’t suggest leaving things up in the air, that’s never good.

    Yeah, it sounds like you need some time to just relax…a little ‘me’ time.

  2. Time apart is good for those who need it. Being mature enough to realize you need it seems to be rare anymore in the world. I hope it all works out for you the way it’s supposed to.

  3. Hey MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope you have a wonderful one this year.I hope you and Keith can work things out and yes being apart would let you treasure each other more and also having the time of your own is good.So yea…hope everything will work out good for you and Keith.Anyway enjoy your christmas~

  4. Time apart is a good answer to relationship hardships. It gives both parties time to sit back and think about everything, and of course, miss one another. =P Good luck with that. If it’s meant to be, it will stand the test of time. =)

  5. Alone time is definately a good thing. I hope you’ve gotten some time to do all the things you want to do. I hope that everything works out for you!

  6. kT says:

    sometimes the best thing to be is to be alone so enjoy your time alone babe & yes this is the best time to figure out what to do with yourself 🙂 good luck on that

  7. It probably is for the best, for now. Things change.
    Sometimes, people are at different places and need things that the other person cannot or will not give. For example, my friend was with her ex-boyfriend for 15 freakin’ years… She wanted more commitment and children and she kept waiting and waiting for him to grow up. Finally, she realized she deserved more, gave him an ultimatum (he said no) and she said, bye. She really wants children very much. Now, she’s with a nice guy who also wants to start a family.

  8. Breaks are good. I’m glad that both of you have decided to take a break instead of ending your relationship. I hope that things are all settled now with both yours and his places.

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