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Valentine’s Day

February 14

Keith and I were off Monday and Tuesday not Valentine’s Day. Which totally bites. But that’s okay we still had fun. We hung out and just had fun being with each other. Which was really nice since all that happen at the end of last year.

I’m off to work. YAY!


February 7

This is a long time coming. I have been dying to update the site and I have finally found the time to do it.

I’m fixing to wake Keith up, see if we can go get something to eat or if I can fix us something. :food: I am for real needing to get something to eat. I haven’t really ate much of anything in the last 18 hours.

BTW, I finally got around to uploading my latest tattoo. I know, I got it in Nov. and just now uploading images. I’m smart like that. . .LMAO 🙂