Don’t make me go

I didn’t want to get out of bed, let alone out of the house to go to work. For some reason I am very tired. :yawn: Not sure why either, I got around 10 hours of sleep. I think my body is still trying to play catch up. Neither one of my days off I got to sleep in, that totally bits. You know that right? lol

Work has got to the point I don’t even want to go anymore. I stay because I make such good money. I am thinking about looking for something different. If I go, most of my crew is going with me. Sad but true. They don’t really like working with anyone else. I don’t mind if they talk as long as orders get out and everything gets done. Most people love to work with me. My boss has run out of things to bitch at me about, so now she must bitch at me for little things that no body cares about. Like why the brooms aren’t hung up in the order of the picture. Okay, I’m sorry, but as long as they are in the closet, doesn’t that matter? Nope, now they have to be in the “right” order. Give me a break. . .That’s as much as she can get on me. But she has to find some reason to bitch. Shot me now, please.

I’m an Assistant Manager, have been for sometime now. I never miss work, I never leave early. I am normally a perfect worker. That’s why I think I can find another job making at least as much money. I just hate the fact it is going to be fast food again, but on the other side Fast Food pays very well once you get into management.

Oh, well. Anywho. . .time to clean up around the house some, eat and then get ready for work. :annoyed:

2 thoughts on “Don’t make me go

  1. I have the same problem with my work. I work in collections, it was fun at first but it has since gotten to be very boring. I’ve never worked in fast food before but my boyfriend does and he makes double what I make.

  2. I remember having days like that. I will probably not want to get out of bed for work pretty soon. As for right now, I almost never work so I look forward to going.

    I don’t understand why bosses need things in a certain order. Like at my work they want all the display bins set up the exact same way, but really, the customers wouldn’t even notice the difference!

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