Friday Five: Sing of Happy

  • What’s your favorite song about growing up? “My Hometown” –Bowling For Soup
  • What’s your favorite song about cars or driving? “Fast Car” –Tracy Chapman
  • What’s your favorite song whose title is a person’s name? “Jenny” –Tommy Tutone
  • What’s your favorite get-up-and-dance song? “Around The World” –Daft Punk
  • What’s your favorite novelty song? “Down in the Boondocks” –Yardbirds
  • Thanks: Friday5.Org

By Jenn

Beautiful, 30 something, geek by choice, happily married for 6+ years, college graduate, perfectly imperfect, blogger, fur mom, music lover! I'm tattooed, pierced & wild at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Project 42; the answer to life the universe and everything.