Doesn’t Matter?

So, this person, someone close to where I live judging this by their IP address. The person’s email address I can’t trace because it isn’t a real address. Just wondering who this person is. Just wondering why they feel the need to hide behind a false email address and no name.

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Love it! So much passion. One thing that I absolutely CAN NOT stand is when others judge. It has to be my biggest pet peeve. Something you should realize is that everyone has an opinion, and not everyone is going to agree with your point of view, but that is the beauty of it all.. That is why our forefathers fought and died so that we do have the right to say what we want. Don’t let negative feedback keep you from voicing ‘your’ opinion. It is those that choose to be negative because they have no back-bone of their own to say what they truly mean. No. It isn’t always going to make everyone happy, but if you are offended simply move on to another person’s blog!! — click to view comment

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Sounds like a bunch of drama that should have been left in highschool… Not the blog, but the comments. People breakup, our hearts get broken but that’s life. — click to view comment