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My department is closing

August 28

Saturday is my last day in my department and then after that it is forever gone. I start training for a new department called North East Care or NECare. Training will last 2 months, including OJT. (on the job training) I will become Customer Care for Verizon Wireless customers.

I have been at web chat since March. I love it. My job was sales. I was getting very good at it. Last month I got $2 a sale and this month I’m getting $2 a sale. My last sales bonus. 😥 That is where most of my extra money came from. I enjoyed having an extra $500 a month to play with.

I’m so scared about NECare. I have never had a job like that. Taking calls. I have done Customer Service when I was Assistant Manger at Wendy’s. But I didn’t take really any phone calls; that was more face to face. Which to me is easier. . .

I will stay with it. I need my health insurance. I need the good pay. I may not get the sales bonus but I do get an extra $.50 on the hour after 6pm. I will most likely be working around 1:30pm – 10pm. Which isn’t bad, but I really like working 3:30pm -12am. It was fun! lol

I’m off to get ready for one of the last days at my job. Maybe I shall bring in candy. Yay candy for a last day party. Oh, I just made myself sad a little. Damn it! lol

PS: I may work for Verizon Wireless but Verizon Wireless pays AFNI and then AFNI pays me.

Here is to you: Christina

August 24

I wrote on Twitter Everyone has secret and they help me remember, that everyone is human. No one is perfect and everyone is as scared as I am. I truly believe this, our secrets are what helps define us, what helps create ourselves. Our secrets shape all of us, in some shape or form.

No one, and I mean, no one tells 100% of what they feel, think or what. Everyone day dreams, everyone has something they keep locked away. I feel for people, thoughts of people and even day dreams of people. These feelings, thoughts and such are not bad, not good or anything just that feelings and thoughts. Their my secrets.

I do believe I can be honest with my self and say, at times I have felt regret, I have and do feel of love and hate and lust and passion. I am human. I have and still do make mistakes and will never be perfect. I like it that way.

I have told people for years now that I do not make regrets. I can only make up for them. Why regret, you can’t take back your actions. But as I stated, everyone feels regret at times, even myself. Why didn’t I do this or say this? Why did I even do that? lol

I like to replay things in my head. Moments, days, even actions from years ago. I step back and think, OMG, really? Are you kidding me? But that’s okay, that’s my secret. That is one of many.

I can say their is one person, that I share everything I could think of. I want to thank her. I want her to know, I love you. You have listened, you have cried with me. Watched me make my mistakes and even helped me decided to do some of them. You let me learn and grow as a human, as a person. You didn’t judge, you didn’t question me. You truly are one of the greatest people I know. So, here is to you Christina. Thank you. I love you for being such a best friend over the past 8. . .9 years now. Let’s tip up our glasses to another 80 years to kickin’ it! 🙂

PS: Who would have thought Pick-Me.Net could have found such a awesome friendship. I heart my Christina!!! Thanks for hosting me so many years ago.