Amazing. Just amazing.

I have been putting off updating. Not sure why. I have been busy behind the set here at Geek Talk and I have been posting old entries from 2003 and 2004. I’m not missing to many months of entries from 2002 to 2009. I mean, wow. I have been blogging that long. Amazing. Just amazing.

So many domains and sub-domains. Faded-Stars.Org,, Crazy–Talk.Org and now Geek-Talk.Us. Just amazing. I have been blogging for ever man. I like that fact I have those entries. I may not like what I read but it is still life. It still happen to me. I suck at keeping a real journal but this, this has been true to me. I don’t care about comments. Don’t get me wrong I love getting them but that’s not why I blog. I blog just for the pure and simple fact I like to write. It’s life. One step at a time.

Well, I am off. Time to work on projects.

PS: Join fanlisting of New Super Mario Brothers for DS: and Stuffed Hippos fanlisting: