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Finally. . .

June 26

After 3 days of working on different ideas and themes. I have done it. I have made a new one. I like the colors and style of it. I have made about 3 or 4 different themes and ended up trashing all of them before I even got half way done. I just got sick and tired of looking at it before I even posted it. lol That is bad.

I guess the next thing on my list of things to do around Geek Talk is to update wordpress. Since I have a couple plugins that hate me right now.

I slept most of the evening yesterday and now I have been up all night. I have finally messed up my sleeping patterns. 🙁 I am going to go lay down next to Cody for a couple of hours. Mom is going to be here around 10ish to pick me up so I can go to the doctor with her and Meadow.

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Nightmare of social network icons?!?

June 8

Last week I had a horrible dream. It was crazy. I had been looking at tons of social network icons for days. One time I dreamed this social network icons was circles, kind of like pac-man. Well, these icons was chasing me down. Trying to eat me. Just like the ghost from pac-man.

Scary shit!! I woke up thinking I was being chased still. It took me a good minute to fall a sleep after that. Being chased by social network icons is scary and very weird.

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Busy, busy and more busy

June 7

I have had a long week it feels like. It started Thursday. I got up at 6am. I help my mom put her stock truck up. Over a $2000 truck. For Camp Joy and her job. She does a program called “Summer feeding” For any children to the age of 18, you can get two free meals. Breakfast and lunch. It really is a great program. Some days she will fix over 800 meals. Including breakfast and lunch. Crazy-ness. I have been help her a couple days a week. I enjoy working with my mom. I don’t get any money but that is okay.

Then Thursday night I kept the girls until Friday afternoon around 5pm. That was a handful. Then Friday night I drank a little. Had a long night with Cody. A little spat. It all ended okay. We hung out last night. And a little while today.

I was so busy last night. I washed all my bed stuff. Three loads of clothes. Vacuuming. Dishes. Then I had to make the bed back after I washed everything. Just a long few days.

Today has been my lazy day. I have been napping. Picking up a little. Mr. Kitty and I have been just chilling. 🙂

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