I have failed at updating every where. Here, twitter, myspace, facebook. Any where on the net. I have been busy in real life. Not sure how. But I have.

I have bought another domain, worked on So-Amazing.Org, Crazy–Talk.Org, Imperfectness.Info and here I hope soon enough. I have ton of pictures to upload to Dirty-Little-Secret.Info. Just need to get my phone hooked up to the laptop.

I still need to get to my desktop, remove my wireless card so Window’s 7 can run right. Yay! I need to update my laptop to the latest Windows 7. Still running Build 7100. 😉 Which works great but I want the real thing.

I went shopping Sunday. I got the cutest bed-in-a-bag set. So pretty. Will have to upload pictures of it as well. Also, need to still upload pictures of my tattoo I got about a week or so ago. Wow, so much to do. I can do this. Next couple of days are going to be full of fun.

Friday I promised Meadow I would go to the fall festival with her. This is also my brother’s birthday. Then the 12th is my birthday. Looking so forward to it. I will be 24. Mom is getting me and Raymond a cake half UofL and half Betty Boop. How awesome!!!! 🙂 But we don’t get to have the cake and nice dinner to the 14th since Cody will be gone this weekend to drill. And fall festival is this week.

My kitten is doing very well. Cries a lot but that’s what kittens do. Mr. Kitty is babying him and they sleep together at night. So, over all doing well together.

Thinking about going to my mom’s in a few. Night all.