If I didn’t

Have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. I swear by this. I never have good luck. This morning before work I found another leak in my bathroom pipes under the trailer. OMG! For real, how unlucky can I be. They didn’t freeze they just broke. WTF?

I only worked a half day today so I could get home to help my dad. Dad was already done by the time I got done. Tomorrow I might have water. As long as it isn’t nine days again I think I will be okay.

And now a winter storm is suppose to hit tomorrow. I am picking up my other four hours I missed of work tomorrow. So, I hope it doesn’t hit until after I get home. Mom and I went to the store today. Got some food, snacks and bottled water. I am so mad I had to buy water. I already pay a water bill. It sucks but I do need drinking water.

Dad came over last night for a couple of hours. We sat around listening to old music and me putting that said music on his MP3 player. Always fun.

9 thoughts on “If I didn’t

  1. Yikes! I hope you get it fixed before the storm and it doesn’t happen again from the storm giving you cold air. I remember this happening to people when I was a kid and thinking I’d never be able to deal without one of my utilities like that. Hope it turns around for you soon.

  2. Christina says:

    When I saw the title on Twitter I knew exactly what the line was gonna be … the same goes for me and you know it lol

  3. Kerry says:

    I always feel like that about luck as well. I seem to be so unlucky. Like the other day, I had to be somewhere at 10am so I got on the train in plenty of time. They cancelled the stop at the station I needed and I ended up too far north at a station where I’d have to come back on myself to get where I needed to be. There was a broken down train at that station so I was in a queue of about 3 or 4 trains. (Right at the back) We were queuing for absolutely ages and by the time the train reached the platform it was already past ten o’clock. Then I couldn’t find a reader for my oyster card and had to search all of the platforms. By the time I actually found one I was far too late and just decided to go back home. I figured if I didn’t, my day would only get worse. πŸ™

    Thanks. The photo shoot was actually really easy. They were really nice, telling me not to go out of my comfort zone etc.
    I have to do ‘over the rainbow’ but I’ve got to do a couple of other songs as well. It’s so much hard work trying to find songs that are right for it. 😐

  4. Swetlana says:


    Wow.. really sucks that his happened to you! I really hope it won’t happen again. And hopefully the winter storm won’t make things worse!

    Sounds like you had a great time just sitting there with your dad listening to some music. πŸ™‚

  5. sucks about the bad luck! But I think everyone kinda thinks they have bad luck in some part of their life. Don’t worry, your luck will change! Hope the pipes gets fixed soon! I hate leaks :(.
    I love just listening to music. It makes me forget all my problems and issues for a while.

  6. Thank you! πŸ™‚ It’s thankfully cooled down – I just despise the heat. D:

    I’m sorry about the leak! I hope it can be fixed as soon as possible. Leaks are very annoying. We had one in the pipes under our sink in the bathroom and we had to empty the under-cupboard. :/

    I remember walking home from work the other day. It was raining and I was seriously hoping it wouldn’t storm until I got home. Ah well, I was sort of out of luck.

    I’m feel pretty close to my dad in that we have the same interests in music. It’s always nice to listen to old music! :3

  7. Awww, that sucks! πŸ™ I know what you mean about buying bottled water; it seems like such a waste.

    I hope you’re surprised by some good luck soon πŸ™‚

  8. I’m sorry that the pipes keep breaking or freezing on you. Is there a way to get them replaced with new ones altogether so you aren’t fixing parts of it? That would probably be extremely expensive though =[. I hope that the storm won’t get that bad, stay warm and safe!! And hey, good luck always follows bad luck if you keep your eyes open for it ^^

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