Been forever

I haven’t posted in forever mainly because I had nothing to post about. Simply that. I lead a very boring life from time to time.

As of midnight tonight I will have only 15 days until I see my honey bunny. Which means, he will be done with basic training and then he will have 7 weeks of AIT. Which isn’t bad.

We have set a wedding date. June 12 of this year. I can not wait. Cammie is flying down from NY to be my maid of honor. We plan on going on a cruise ship for our honey moon.

I am so happy right now. Even if I am sitting in this house a lone. It doesn’t matter because my baby is doing all this hard work for us. When he gets home, we will be able to finish paying off the trailer. We are going to get another car, so we can be a two car house hold since I am working and he will be going to school full time. He really is an amazing man.

But on to the site, new layout again. I am so tired of everything. All the blogs I read either don’t update or update once a month. Like I have any room to talk. Or they have been in Maintenance Mode for god knows when. I hate maintenance mode. It drives me nuts. But that is their site. I can’t really say anything. People buy domains so they can do whatever they want. That is the beautiful part about owning your own domain. You can choose to never update, update once a month, be a mommy blog or be anything site. That is one reason I love web design and web sites! XD

One thought on “Been forever

  1. See, time flies!! And AWWW SUMMER WEDDING!!! Haha, CONGRATULATIONS! =] You have to blog about the preparing for marriage process, picking dresses, etc, etc. =P Unless you’ve already gone through that and I missed it. I’m in love with planning – haha I used to want to be a wedding planner all throughout elementary and middle school. I’m so happy for you two! Things will definitely pick up for you once he’s back. =]

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