Monthly Archives June 2010

A normal life

I’m not sure how to sum up what I have been doing the last couple of weeks since I last updated besides I have been trying to get back to a normal life. I have been trying to get myself back in to working 3 to 4 days a week. Time with family and get […]

Classes for fall

I did register for classes a little over a week ago. I’m pretty happy about my weekly schedule. I will be only going to class on Monday and Wednesday. That means, I can still work 3 days a week. 🙂 Also, I have only on Mondays a three hour block before my last class, so […]

Some long nights

I promised blog entries. So, here is one. I have been so confused and lost at points in the last few weeks. I have been happy and overwhelmed. I have been sad and depressed. Thought I couldn’t go any lower. Then I have been able to look, reflect and try to study why I am […]

I’m not dead

I am planing on writing a lot more blog entries coming soon but I have been so busy with life, I haven’t had a chance. This is my update, to state I’m not dead. lol I’m off like a prom dress! Out!